Heavy Duty 4-in-1 Door Pull-up / Chin-up Bar / Upper Body Trainer

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This door pull-up bar can be used almost anywhere for pull ups, chin ups, push ups, tricep exercises and more!  

There's space for it even in the smallest apartment – the pull-up bar is a small and mobile piece of training equipment. The bar is ready for use on a door frame in just a few simple steps. Ideally the door frame should have a width of 24 to max. 32 in (61 to max. 81 cm) and a depth of 24 to max. 32 in (61 to max. 81 cm). The door pull-up bar does not need any drilling or fixed mounting. Good padding prevents damage to the door frame during training.

The door pull-up bar can be used for much more than just efficient chin-ups. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, targeted training is also possible on the ground: push-ups, sit-ups and tricep exercises complete the training. This means it is a very versatile piece of exercise equipment, which makes complete upper body training possible in just a few simple steps. As well as this the user manual has instructions, with text and images showing all the training options as well as an indispensable warm-up programme. Whether on the door frame or on the ground – targeted and complete upper body training is possible up to a body weight of 220 lbs (100 kg).