Creating Your Own Home Gym...In A Small Space and Limited Budget!

Creating Your Own Home Gym...In A Small Space and Limited Budget!

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a spare room which could be made into a home gym.  Realistically for most of us, that isn’t possible but it doesn’t mean that we can’t do a great workout, in a small space, with little equipment.  And on a small budget!! 

The first thing everyone should have is resistance bands - they are cheap, versatile, tiny to store and can be used for a multitude of exercises.  Work your whole body for less than £20 and less room than a bag of protein powder!!

Next we would recommend a kettlebell or two.  They can be used for total body workouts, both strength and cardio, build muscle, burn a lot of fat and don’t take up much room.  One will do, 2 are better as there will be some exercises you can use a heavier weight for.  At all times you should use a weight which challenges you, too light a weight leads to an inefficient workout.  

The final essential is dumbbells.  These can be used for so many exercises, work the whole body and burn a lot of calories/fat.  As with kettlebells, different exercises will require different weights, so either invest in some adjustable dumbbells or a heavy pair and a lighter pair, depending on your strength.  

Both kettlebells and dumbbells will last for years so are a brilliant investment!

Space/budget permitting, a barbell and weight plates are next on the list.  If you really want to take your training to the next level, this is essential.  For toning, strengthening, burning fat and getting fitter you can manage without them, using your kettlebells/dumbbells instead.  Serious lifters need a barbell.  A good barbell will also last you for years.

A mat is also a good idea, cheap, rolls up to store out the way and gives you a good surface to train on.  

We could go on and add more things that would be really useful and will do another post soon about some other small additions, but for now that’s it.  Just a few small things and you are good to go, whenever you want, without going out in the cold or even getting dressed!!  And it can’t be closed down by a pandemic!


The good thing is, this stuff will last for ages, so the cost of a few months of gym membership will cover years of equipment.  

What are you waiting for?  Order now and get started on the road to health, strength and feeling amazing, both physically and mentally.

Don’t forget, we are happy to advise you on the best starting point for you, just message us and we will help you:)


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  • Vicki O’Dell

    Hi there, I am thinking about starting weights at home but have no idea on the right equipment to get results. Do I need a bench for example. I am a mother of 2 nearly 45 and desperate to gain more strength and tone up this feeling stronger and fitter. Can you advise on equipment and excessive s for a complete body workout which gets results? Also any advise on calorie deficit plans for vegans. I love the fact you do not endorse the dairy industry one of the main reasons I am looking at your products. Thank you so so much.Vicki

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