5 Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women - Beginners!

5 Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women - Beginners!

If you have never used weights in your fitness routine before (or never had a fitness routine), don’t worry we all have to start somewhere!  Some women worry that lifting, especially heavy weights, will give them a bulky or manly physique.  This is not the case!

Those that do body building will tell you how hard it is to actually achieve that!

For most of us, lifting weights, even heavy weights, won’t bulk us up, but it will have some massive benefits; here are my top 5:

  1.  It will increase fat loss:  When we build muscle, it raises our metabolism, for each pound of muscle we gain, we will burn an extra 30-50 calories a day!  So even when you are sleeping, you are burning more calories, what’s not to love about that!  This will mean our bodies will use fat to make up for those extra calories and shed fat much faster than just doing cardio.  When doing just cardio, we lose fat and muscle so our metabolism falls - that's why we often hit a plateau.  With weights, we are building muscle so metabolism is increasing meaning fat loss is faster.

  1. Better mood and less stress:  Lets face it, life isn’t always easy.  As women we seem to have a million and one things to do and not enough time in the day.  Weight training releases endorphins which raise our mood and can help combat depression.  It also improves sleep and raises energy levels.  Women who weight train commonly report feeling more confident, not just about their bodies, but in life generally.  Every time you train, you get stronger and unlike fat loss, which can take time, strength gains happen quickly, especially in the early days.  It is a massive confidence boost to feel strong and powerful.

  1. Look toned and defined, not bulky:  Men find it much easier to bulk up than women due to their higher testosterone levels.  For most women, weight lifting will make you look more lean, defined and toned, not bulky.  For those dedicated badasses who really bulk up, we salute you, it is not an easy task!

  1.  Reduce risk of injury, osteoporosis, back pain and arthritis:  Lifting weights doesn’t just strengthen muscles.  It also increases bone density, increases connective tissue strength and increases joint stability.  This reduces the risk of fractures, injury, osteoporosis, and improves posture.  One of the biggest causes of lower back pain is bad posture so developing strength, especially in the core, will improve this.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes:  Weight training improves our cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of heart disease, and changes the way we process sugar which may help prevent diabetes.

And as a bonus number 6.  You will look, and feel fabulous!!!

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